Legal Update for Teachers and Legal Update for Teachers: The Complete Principal’s Guide

This monthly newsletter, Legal Update for Teachers will keep teachers up-to-date on the most recent legal trends in education. The newsletter helps reinforce your messages to teachers regarding tricky situations, like dress code, free speech, student discipline, bullying, problem parents, Internet safety, health issues, cyberbullying, student safety, drugs, IEPs, extracurricular activities, food allergies, transportation and more. The newsletter helps teachers stay on top of legal issues that affect your school which can help you avoid costly problems.

The newsletter’s companion, Legal Update for Teachers: The Complete Principal’s Guide is an annually updated book that is conveniently organized for quick and easy reference. Each chapter includes an overview of the topic, followed by actionable information teachers can use. There are also scenarios, based on real legal cases, that teachers can use to address a variety of situations. The well-organized index makes it easy to find information directly related to issues that most concern school officials.

Price: $299 (includes the Principal’s guide and 10 copies of the newsletters each issue for teachers)

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