K-12 Legal Notes for Education and K-12 Education Law in America

K-12 Legal Notes for Education
is a monthly newsletter that helps you build policies and procedures that comply with rapidly changing education law, while providing valuable training to your teachers so they, too, can keep up-to-date on the most recent legal trends and help avoid costly problems. You’ll get summaries of relevant education law cases nationwide that cover topics such as discipline, liability in accidents, injury and death, employee issues such as abuse, tenure and termination, student rights, integration and much more.

K-12 Education Law in America is a one-stop reference guide that helps you learn how courts are deciding school cases, what the legal issues are and how your colleagues across the country are faring. Cases are summarized and classified by area of concern, including employment practices, school operations, academic practices, students with disabilities and much more. You’ll also receive selected texts of the U.S. Constitution of interest to educators, and a table of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions in education cases.

Also included with your subscription:

LegalNotesforEducation.com is an online resource center where you’ll find daily updates on the latest news and insights on relevant statutes and rulings, as well as a complete collection of must-have American school law resources that no educational professional should be without. Use the Teacher Training section and downloadable handouts to deal with sticky situations, keep informed with real examples in our Daily Story, and gain expert knowledge and analysis in the What the Law Says About &hellips; and Special Ed Spotlight sections.

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