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Employment Law Report is a monthly newsletter that brings you timely advice from attorneys, managers and other employees to help you stay a step ahead of changing employment law and maintain a productive environment. Nationwide employment court decisions are selected and summarized, and we cover issues such as: discrimination, termination and retaliation, benefits, family leave, labor relations, workers’ compensation, employer liability, and much more.

Deskbook Encyclopedia of Employment Law is a resource for you that covers the hot issues and tells you how they’re being resolved in state and federal courts nationwide. Designed to help you create company policies and procedures, it also allows you to understand your own legal rights and support you in dealing with issues before they become costly legal problems. Included in this deskbook are relevant provisions on employment law from the U.S. Constitution and a table of recent U.S. Supreme Court cases.

Also included with your subscription:

The EmploymentLawReport.net online resource center helps you tackle the legal challenges you face every day. Gain expert analysis on relevant discrimination case law that will help you navigate the regulations influencing employment practices around the country. Keep up-to-date on the latest interpretations of pertinent employment law statutes – and how they affect you and your company with Verdicts & Settlements.

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Public Employment Law Report is a monthly newsletter that provides you with summaries of recent court cases impacting public employment issues as well as reports on legislation and administrative regulations that are of importance to you. We’ll bring you late-breaking decisions dealing with drug testing, equal pay, immunity, labor relations, pensions, termination, and the FLSA and FMLA.

Deskbook Encyclopedia of Public Employment Law is a comprehensive resource developed to help you anticipate problems that may arise in the workplace. It provides guidance on creating policies and procedures that ensure compliance with the law. You’ll get insight into key issues such as employee benefits, freedom of expression and privacy, and employee practices.

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