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Higher Education Legal Alert is a monthly newsletter that goes beyond the headlines to bring you the latest information that affects colleges, universities, medical schools, law schools and much more. It provides you with objective, timely coverage and helps you face tough issues like employment, copyright issues, student disputes, disability rights law and academic freedom.

Higher Education Law in America brings together in one volume the latest updates covering school operations and school finance, athletics and student activities, discrimination against students, freedom of speech and school liability. You’ll also receive applicable parts of the Constitution and a list of Supreme Court higher education cases.

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K-12 Legal Notes for Education
is a monthly newsletter that helps you build policies and procedures that comply with rapidly changing education law, while providing valuable training to your teachers so they, too, can keep up-to-date on the most recent legal trends and help avoid costly problems. You’ll get summaries of relevant education law cases nationwide that cover topics such as discipline, liability in accidents, injury and death, employee issues such as abuse, tenure and termination, student rights, integration and much more.

K-12 Education Law in America is a one-stop reference guide that helps you learn how courts are deciding school cases, what the legal issues are and how your colleagues across the country are faring. Cases are summarized and classified by area of concern, including employment practices, school operations, academic practices, students with disabilities and much more. You’ll also receive selected texts of the U.S. Constitution of interest to educators, and a table of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions in education cases.

Also included with your subscription: is an online resource center where you’ll find daily updates on the latest news and insights on relevant statutes and rulings, as well as a complete collection of must-have American school law resources that no educational professional should be without. Use the Teacher Training section and downloadable handouts to deal with sticky situations, keep informed with real examples in our Daily Story, and gain expert knowledge and analysis in the What the Law Says About &hellips; and Special Ed Spotlight sections.

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This monthly newsletter: School Safety & Security Alert, will keep you up-to-date each month on the most recent school security trends, innovations and legal updates and case law summaries from around the country. The newsletter covers topics like access and building security, emergency preparedness and response, bullying and hazing, drugs and alcohol, employment issues, extracurricular activities, health issues, Internet safety, stalking and harassment, transportation and more. This will allow you to stay on top of current strategies and breaking litigation news that affect you and your school and help you avoid costly problems.

The annual, authoritative book, Keeping Your School Safe and Secure: A Practical Guide, is conveniently broken down into topics for easy reference. Each chapter includes an overview of the topic, followed by actionable information you can use and relevant legal cases. There are also over 30 adaptable forms and letters you can use to address a variety of situations. The well-organized index makes it easy to find information directly related to issues that most concern you.

Also included with your subscription:

The online resource center providesthe latest safety news and school security trends to help you keep students safe, parents informed and staffers trained. Find resources to help support your school’s latest initiatives in the Funding & Grants section. Use the Customizable Forms Library to effectively communicate vital information to teachers, students and parents. The latest edition of Keeping Your School Safe & Secure: A Practical Guide is also available online in an easily searchable format.

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Special Education Law Update is a monthly newsletter that brings you summaries of recent court cases impacting special education and reports on legislation and administrative regulations. You’ll receive the latest information on placement issues, school liability, attorneys’ fees and tuition reimbursement, as well as related services.

Students with Disabilities and Special Education Law is a desk reference in a comprehensive and concise format that helps you determine if your program conforms to IDEA statutes and regulations. We bring you analyses of recent court cases from across the country that will help you safeguard your legal rights, and educate your colleagues in the law so they too are better qualified to identify and deal with developing legal issues. You’ll also receive the full text of the IDEA plus regulations.

Also included with your subscription:

Access to the online resource center gives you daily updates on recent news and rulings, along with must-have special education law resources every educational professional needs. Gain an in-depth look at recent court rulings and other developments that directly affect you and your job with Expert Analysis. Go to the Compliance Tools section to get printable, usable checklists and other tools designed to help you do your job better.

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